Friday, 6 April 2018

Special place in the community

My special place in the community is Pt England school because you can do alot of things like play sports,  we work on chromebook and you get to go tamaki college for tech . Today I am talking to you about my special place in the community.

My special place is Pt England because kids like us would love to come to Pt England you get to learn new things that you never learned before and you get to play different kind sports you also you can make new friends. Every year we get to go down to Pt England reserve and have pincic you get to play games, hang around with your friend and you there's even a beach which we swim in you have lots of fun.

 At Pt England school we use chromebooks the schools around G.I is lucky because we get to work on chromebooks we are also lucky because some schools they don’t use chromebooks they use pencil and paper our school if you do something bad on your chromebook teachers can see on the dashboard, Pt england  is sponsored by the manaiakalani every year we go to the cinema with other schools around G.I and we have to present something to them and they have to present something to us.

At Pt England you get to play a lot of sports there’s Netball, Rugby, softball, cricket all those different kind of sport sometimes when you play a sport and you vs schools and you bet them like say for, an example if i play netball and you compte them you get to go to the enter zones which is like the top finials every sport you play and you compte you might lose or win but it doesn't matter because there's always a 2nd chance.

Last but not least I hope you learned new things from my blog and I hope you enjoy reading and please leave comment so i hope you know how pt england rolls and how we use chromebooks.

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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

My story about Rainbows end

On saturday evening I went to Krispy kreme donut and when we were driving past it was packed because the Polyfest just finished and people was waiting in line apparently Krispy kreme donut is from Australia and it’s so famous. People even buy two boxes of donuts we were waiting in line and we finally got our donuts after we got our donuts we sat down and my mum put candles on the donuts then my family sang the Happy Birthday song to me.

After we had our donuts we headed off to Rainbows End when we got there people were already waiting in line so we just took heaps of photos then we got into Rainbow end the first thing we did was bumper boats it was so fun because i kept wetting other people and it got into their boats.

After that we went to power search i almost cried because it was spinning around fast and i was screaming because it went upside down and round and round and i was so dizzy I almost fell, we stayed at rainbows end 6:00 to 11:00.

Every time we go to a ride its all was packed and people go one the rides two times but when we were waiting in line people were screaming hard out but it was so funny, there was even a Gig it like when people come and they entertain and sometimes they say can we have any volunteer they might get called to sing or dance.

I was scared to go on the fear fall, when you get on the far fall you will already have butterflies in your stomach when you go up you can see most of the rides and buildings when you get to the top you stay there for a while then you drop down its really scary I closed my eyes the hole way up and the whole way down then I said to my cousin im never going on that ride again.

Our last was ride was the stratosfear first we went on the less extreme because there wasn't that much people in the line it was kinda boring because it just went side to side then we went and stood in the line of extreme where it goes side to side then it goes around when. When you go on the extreme it goes to the top and you stay there for a bit then you come back down it did probably go up  two times, when I went on it I was screaming my loudest then it was slowing down, then we finally went home.