Friday, 24 March 2017

Special writing

At Pt England school we do heaps of sports and we also have our new bike tracks are awesome once our track to ride the bikes are done we to ride and it's also fun to be at pt England school because we get Chromebooks that the most thing I ever had in my life you learn. The thing about Pt England school is that we get to learn new things and we have our house colour like Hine moana, Hokule'a, Te Aurere last but not least Hikianlia.

At Pt England we like to make new friends and make friends with the teacher. It's good for us because we get to know who are the teachers. And at Pt England school if you are a year 7 when the and the year 8 when the year 8’s go we always have rotation and when you get to go Technology at Tamaki college school. Things you can do when your at tec is Cooking,Graphite's,Hard metral. We even have kapa haka some of us are not Maori but we like to learn new things because and when you're in the kapa haka group you get to perform to your school or our kapa haka group can perform to people. Pt England school kids like get to learn words and actions. At Pt England the year 8’s and 7’s we like to switch classes like literacy and maths. Every Friday we always have assembly and sports rotation. Every year we always have pinci the things we can do there is swim and play games.
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