Wednesday, 30 November 2016


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There are three main states of matter. Solid, liquid and gas.

The atoms in solids are stuck together. A table and a chair are solid. The atoms in liquids move around but are still stuck together. Water is a liquid. Atoms in gases move around freely. Helium in a balloon makes it float.


Camp Benston

Have been to Camp Bentzon before? If you have, I think it’s the best place to go for camp.

When we first got there we dropped our bags and went for a long walk. It was called Killer Hill. It was killing our legs and we were tired We had a rest when we got to the top of the hill.’’Then’’Leatham planted a stone on the top of the killer hill where all the’’other’’ stones were. We started walking again it was a flat path and nobody was tired it started getting high and we found a way to go and have a rest. We had lunch and played games on the rocks, we saw a stingray it was quite big. After that we played with the skipping rope it was so funny.

Then it was time to go for walk back up the hill it  was so tiring but we still did then it got up to the steep part. Mr Goodwin said ‘’if you feel like you're gonna fall you have sit on you bottom so you won't fall over”. After we did Kayaking we took our bags to our cabins then we had free time. Then we had dinner. After we had dinner we watched a movie that's was called The Princess bride it was a cool movie at 10:00pm we had to go sleep.

On the next day we did lots of fun activities like kayaking,sailing,abseiling,swimming,bivouac and burma trail The first one I did was kayaking it was so much fun Sheales kept falling out of her kayak. The we  went pretty far from the camp. We played a game and it was so cool then it was time for us to go back and all of a sudden it started raining.

My favorite activities was kayaking and burma trail. I liked burma trali because it was so slippery and funny Toni kept falling and my other favorite one was kayaking because Sheales Kept falling out and I liked how we worked together as a team.



Thursday, 3 November 2016



One day my we went camping with kelly we went for a walk in the forest. One of Kelly’s friends went walking in the forest ‘’because’’she wanted to see what it look like. A of a sudden she was screamed for help but me and my friends didn’t know she was gone.

One of my friends looked be side her and she said kelly’s missing she’s gone and all of us were scared and we ran back to the our tents and stayed in there. until the next day they went looking for her. They couldn't find her so they went back and had something to eat.

Then kelly was shouting ‘’help! help! i am scared’’ kelly kept walking into heaps of bushes then she saw heaps of people kelly said can you help me please I am lost i can’t find my way home.

Me and my friends split apart so they can find kelly and take her back to our tents. Then samantha saw something it was people standing outside helping kelly and samantha said come with me I will take you back to our tents. But the people didn’t let her go they were bad and mean I said look there is samantha and kelly I think they need help so me and sally went and had a look and they were having trouble I said can you please let them go.

The people said NO because I to get home. Sally said that’s what we're doing looking for a way to get home. They said you can stay here until we find a way to get back home so we all went back to our Tent and packed all of

Our stuff and went again. When we got there we had dinner and we went to sleep. A few hours later in the morning The people were already awake and made breakfast for us I said thank you for letting us stay here.      

Writing test

One cold night me and my friends were sleeping one of my friends had a bad dream and there  name was called Kerstein,Anna,Nyree I got because Anna started screaming me and Nyree, kerstein went to have a look to see if she’s alright I ask Anna what happened she said I had a bad dream.

I said to her stop screaming because your gonna keep waking us up all of them said they were hungry so we cooked something to eat I feel so tired I am going to sleep ok all of my friends were so hungry they went of in the bush I didn’t care where they were going I just slept. They found strawberries on the tree and they picked it all of the tree.

They came back with heaps and they woke me up and I said do know what time it is it’s 4:00 in the morning shouldn’t be you guys sleeping Kerstein said look we brang some strawberries and I said wow they look so nice and we ate them all Nyree said I feel tired I’m gonna go sleep me to said Anna.

Me and kerstein went again looking for something to eat. They were scared when they went looking for some more food I said what's that I can see light me and kerstein went to have a look it was people hunting for animals we ran back to our tents and woke up Anna and Nyree I said we saw people hunting for animals and they might come here so we all went in our tenets and stayed there.

I can hear something it’s them pretend to sleep so they won't know where awake. So they looked inside our tent and they saw us sleeping they called all of their friends to come and take us. I said what do want from us did nothing and all you wanna do is take us away the people said because they needed help Anna said what kinder help they said help us get back home Kerstein said that's what we're doing finding a way to get back home.

The people said come with us you can stay at our place until we find a way to get back home I said ok lets go so we packed our bags and went with them. It was like 6:00 in the morning so we only got a little time to sleep when they woke up they had eggs and bacon I said thank you for having us.