Friday, 29 July 2016

Emani's haircutting

Olympic History

Do you know about the ancient Olympic game?
It started in 776 BC in Olympia,Greece. There was only one event that was the 200 yard dash. Only men could compete in the nude. The games were a religious festival held every four years to honour the  god Zeus.

In 391 AD Rome invaded Greece. Two years later the Olympic games were abolished in 336 AD. A Frenchman started the Modern Olympics in 1896.

This year the Olympics are held in Greece and I am going to support the New Zealand Olympic.

Becoming a kiwi

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Play Reflection

Wailt: Use fluency and expression when reading aloud
Retell the story in our own words

My Real life hero

My Real Life Hero
A Hero is a person of notable courage who helps people. A hero is a person who can sometimes put their lives on the line for the sake of others.


You are going to write a description and explain who a real life person in your life is. Explain why they are a hero, what they do and why you chose to write about him or her.
Introduction: hook, explanation of a hero and what a hero does. Define hero in your own words

P.2 Introduce who your real life hero is and why you have chosen them
Explain in detail what they have to be a real life hero
More detail, more information, more explanation

P.3 Conclusion

Start your writing here:
A hero is a person that protects and defends others. Heroes also save people from danger and if they need help. Fire-fighters, nurses, docters and ambulance and police officers are all example of life heroes.
My Real life hero is my dad because when there is something wrong  my dad will go out and fix the problem. My dad will make sure there is food on the table and the bills all paid.When someone tries to come and rob our house my dad gets up and chases them away so they don’t come.
My dad is my hero because when I am sick my dad will take me to the doctors and stay by my side until I am better.

My dad is my hero and I love him.

speech marks

Where do “speech marks” belong. Go through this paragraph and put in speech marks. Make them red so they are easy to spot. When you’ve finished discuss your answers with a buddy. Copy and paste it to your blog.

As soon as Tim got his pocket money, he jumped on his bike and raced straight down to the shop. “How can I help you”? asked the shopkeeper.
Tim looked long and hard at all the ice-blocks and finally said, “I'd like a lemonade ice-block please”. “Here's your ice-block”. “That will be one dollar and fifty cents”, said the shopkeeper. Tim put his money on the counter and headed out the door calling, “
Thanks very much, as he went.

“Come back”, called the shopkeeper. “There's fifty cents change”.

“In that case”, said Tim, walking back to the counter, “I'll have a packet of chewing gum as well”. “There you are”. “I hope you enjoy it”, said the shopkeeper.” I will, said Tim”.