Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Musical Madness

Musical Madness!!

This term our school is going to be talking about Musical Madness. This year we will be talking about music. This assembly started of by our senior management singing Musical Madness. 

 My 1st highlight was team 3 when they were telling a story through the music, This was very interesting and funny, Mr Moran and the rest of the teachers were also singing and dancing, it made our school laugh. 

My 2nd highlight was team 4 because they were singing carpool karaoke they didn't have any instruments and when team 3 teachers were in the car teachers took turns driving and the rest of the teachers was singing and dancing 

My 3rd highlight was team 5 because team 5 teachers presented a movie that had Music and movies Mr Wisemen and Mrs Taupke were the parents and there movie was really interesting and funny that the parents who were watching had a really good laugh.

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